Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My first post:)

This is my first post and I've prolonged this for so long. I've wanted to blog about fashion, dance, travel and so much more for the longest time but I never thought it would be good enough. I've finally decided to forget all my worries and just let it rip. I currently work at Urban Outfitters home office in the Men's Design area. I LOVE my job and the company. It sometimes amazing me that they pay me to work here. Here are some pictures of my office. There will be much more to come.

my desk

Men's Design Area

Jewels -we can bring dogs to work:) 
(This is a co-workers dog - she actually got her first modeling gig for the bike accessories on - coming soon)

So a little about me: I'm originally from Alhambra, IL. I moved to Memphis, TN for college to dance for the University of Memphis Pom Squad. I stayed in Memphis for 7 years and started my first job at Catherine's, a plus size retailer. I started as an Assistant Product Manager and quickly fell in love with design. We then got news that Catherines was relocating the company to it's World Headquarters in Bensalem, PA (just outside of Philly) to join it's sister companies. I decided that if there ever was an opportunity, this was the one to take. It was so hard to leave my family and friends but I knew in my heart that this was my calling in the next chapter of my life. My husband Billy, who was my boyfriend at the time, decided he would move up there with me once he found a job. It took about six months but Billy finally landed a great job at Campbell's (soup) in Camden, NJ. Billy also proposed during that transition time which was an amazing, life changing moment.

To occupy my time before Billy moved up here, I auditioned for the Sixers Dance Team and made it. I knew that joining the team would be the best way to keep myself occupied, make friends and continue to dance while I was alone. Billy finally moved up here and we got married October 3, 2009 back in Memphis, TN.
 Planning a wedding in another state is a blog post (or two) in itself but is was so worth it. Since the marriage, Billy and I have bought our first home in New Jersey which we absolutely love, I started my new gig at Urban a little over a year ago, and I danced for one more season with the Sixers.  I'm also very excited because Billy and I are about to celebrate our two year anniversary in October. How time flies by.
Ok, that was actually a lot about me. Hope you stuck around. I can't wait to continue to share more about my life, my passions and things that just make me smile:)

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